I've read other people's rules and mine are pretty much the
I've built my collection from the following sources:
1 Weeds
2 Vines
3 Blanks and Postage
4 Trades
5 Ebay

If you don't like my rules, please look elsewhere for your

1 The person who initiates the trade mails first (This is for
the first trade only.

2 I can trade in CDr, DVD+R, VHS in most cases

3 CD's are burned  on a Harmon Kardon Dual Deck Recorder
with a MAX speed of 4x.  This unit only records on CDr audio
disk.  I use Maxell.

4 VHS are recorded on a GoVideo Dual Deck.

5 DVD's are recorded on weekends only on a HP DVD burner.
They are recorded on DVD+R

6.  Blanks and postage will be accepted on a limited basis
only.  I've been too good with this and I must start
enforcing this rule.

7 If my source is DAO, you will recieve DAO.  My website
has listings on most items that are NDAO.  

8 CD audios will be sent with or without labels.  The choice
is yours.  The setlist will be downloaded from my website
and put with the cds.  Jewel cases are available in most
cases (depending upon shipping location)

9 Trading Rate is 1 CDR=1CDR, 1 DVD=1DVD, 1 DVD=3

10 Quality ratings are always subjective.  The ratings I list
are common among many other trading sites.  If not, it's
just my opinion.

11 I will ship most CD's USPS First Class mail or USPS  
Priority Mail.  International shippments will be USPS Global
Priority Mail unless other arrangements are made.  In rare
cases, I will ship United Parcel Service.

12 You can contact me through this website at my contact

Thank you for visiting my website.
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