Linke's Links
I've been asked many questions about my web site, form
who my host is to my photo software.  I'll try to answer
your questions here and give you the links to the items that
I found.
My web hosting is through Yahoo Web Hosting.  I found
for their price, you get the most service.  
Click here for the
link to Yahoo web hosting. Most of my pages are designed
by the software that Yahoo supplies.
On the pages that I create off-line. I use WS FTP pro to
upload files to my web site.  
Click here for more
information about WS FTP.
To do the pages that I have all my thumbnails on, I use
Express Thumbnail Creator.  I find it easy to use and it
Click here for more information about Express
Thumbnail Creator.
To do animation of GIF files, I use GIF Construction Set
from Alchemy.  This is a Candian shareware company with
a funny sense of humor. Their shareware is well worth the
Click here for more information about GIF
Construction Set.

I got most of my basic GIF's from a free site.  
Click here to
be taken to that site
Another site I got some GIFs from is Scream Design.  
here to be taken to that site.

This page is still under constuction.  I'll have more links
posted for other items on this site.  Thank you.
Jim Linke
This page was constructed using Yahoo's Page Builder.